For telephone-checkout
Chișinau    +373(022)211-211
Bălți           +373(0231)20-210

Online checkout on WWW.LAPLACINTE.MD

You can check the order for delivery or pre-order,
the takeaway or in the restaurant, by calling the call-center
Chișinău +373(022)211-211
Bălți +373(0231)20-210

By on-line checkout on the website:
When the order is on-line on the website.
Within 5 minutes after checkout, one of our call-center operators will contact you to confirm the order.
Be careful when you write your telephone number to confirm the order.
If nobody called you, we ask you to contact us.
Unconfirmed orders will be canceled.

Daily time delivery price between
8:00 and 22:50 o'clock

Delivery price in night time between
22:51 and 7:59 o'clock

By checkout under 200 MDL, the delivery price will be 25 MDL.
The free delivery is over 200 MDL in daily time between
8:00 and 22:50 o'clock, within the city of Chișinau.

Cost of delivery 35 mdl.

Delivery time

Approximate delivery time ≈ 60 min.
The delivery time can depend from order amount, weather conditions or road conditions.
The delivery service "La Plăcinte"  is available around the clock, every day and official holidays of Republic of Moldova (exception 31 December and 1 January).

Payment methods

Cash or credit card (VISA, MasterCard Maestro) by receiving the order.

Order receiving

By receiving, be sure that you received the tax receipt and slip receipt (in case if you pay by credit card). If you need additional documents, please inform previously our call-center operator.

By order receiving, please be sure that you have the whole order according to the receipt.