Photo Report dated April 22, 2016


Musical performance offered by Tatiana Jacot at La pies Street. Dosoftei 100

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1 April . Good music and pies!


On Friday I enjoy good music and most delicious pies! April 1 was delighted by the duo Capris. We welcome every time because the pie is like your home!

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Raport foto din data de 25 martie 2016


The atmosphere and the pies were in great demand this Friday night!

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Fasting menu. Traditional and tasty!


The dishes from the meniu does not contain no meat, milk or eggs. Our new menu item / vegan offers a complex nutritional balance and you enjoy the taste.

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Homemade dumplings


Because culinary traditions starting from recipes of our mothers, we have prepared the love and care what's tasty dumplings.

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Now you can pay online moldovian pies!


Want to shop online in a safe and comfortable using credit card? From 14 February LA PLACINTE and MOLDINDCONBANK offers this possibility!

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Photo Report dated February 6, 2016


Atmosphere on the evening of February 6, 2016 at La Placinte was a nice one. The Capris managed to enjoy their instrumental music, people who were reunited with fellow high school, university!

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Pamper yourself with our new dishes!


We have an updated menu with new dishes! Of course, the purpose of this update is to pamper your desires fully, therefore our chef tried to bring to the attention of your own, some really delicious traditional dishes. Learn dishes that we prepared:

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The new Menu takes care of your daily cravings. Get your complex and affordable lunch always on time.


Often it happens that we take our lunch at a restaurant, because we have no time for cooking it at home. For these moments, the "La Placinte" Restaurant invites you between 12:00 - 15:00, from Monday till Friday, to enjoy our new LUNCH Menu. Now you can taste 10 different meal combinations every 2 weeks. The price is still the same - 60 lei, and you can get your meal less than in 10 minutes, if you make a pre-order on our website or get us a phone call: +373 (22) 211 211.

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Even more comfortable and lighter in restaurant La Plăcinte!


Noul interior luminos și comod al restaurantului La Plăcinte situat pe adresa str. Decebal 47/6 (Botanica ) - va fi un loc perfect pentru întâlnirile voastre cu prietenii și savurarea bucatelor delicioase autohtone. Iar noul meniu de toamnă va fi pe placul oricărui vizitator.

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Autumn culinary in La Placinte : provincial vacation


In Autumn, we need more than ever of something pleasant, something so well known and as at home, so network of restaurants La Placinte can fully satisfy your desires!Firstly,in seasonal menu reappeared traditional sarmale, pelmeni and ,,invirtita" pie. And secondly,this season we will meet with new tasty food:boiled and spicy pig with sarmale,mamaliga with stew as the province and homemade sausages.

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You can not decide what to order for lunch?


1) Balls of hominy with sheep's cheese, sour cream and “mujdei” 2) Domneasca pie with curd and raisins 3) Zander in mushroom sauce with hominy

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Quail with rice


or all you need to know about the renewed menu La Plăcinte

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All you need to know about the renewed menu La Plăcinte


Good news is never too much, especially when we talk about delicious food. And this news - is not exception: La Plăcinte restaurants met the new season with a special regard - we came up with and implement the idea of a summer tasty and healthy food with Moldovan accent. In the updated menu,the dishesknown to all were been transformed beyond recognition and new ones will soon enter the in the ranks of favorites. In general, if you, like us, want something new, then it's time to visit La Plăcinte, because in the new season the kitchen of the restaurant became ...

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Photo report 17.07.2015


duet "Capriz" La Plăcinte str. M. Dosoftei, 100

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Photo Raport 11.06.2015


La Plăcinte blv. Mircea cel Bătrîn 12/5

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Report foto 24.05.2015 "La Plăcinte" Str. M. Dosoftei, 100


Foto Report 24.05.2015 cu "White Rabbit" "La Plăcinte" Str. M. Dosoftei, 100

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The strawberry-berry season is opened in “La Placinte” restaurants!


After a long winter, it’s time for sweet, juicy and aromatic strawberry. And we know better than the rest, how to reveal the delicate taste and the luxury flavor of strawberry, which creates the summer mood. In the berry menu from “La Placinte” restaurants, special and colorful dishes are waiting of you.

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Treat yourself to new dishes of restaurant “La Plăcinte”


Zrazy with Ricotta and greenery In XVII century zrazy were prepared only from whole piece of meat. Their name "zrazy" came from Poland, which can be translated as "cut piece". Tenderized and rubbed with salt and condiments piece of meat was stuffed with filling, wrapped and fried - it was an original recipe of zrazy. Today as a base are using as whole pieces as meat, fish, poultry, vegetable stuffing. In our restaurant they are served with ricotta and greenery.

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Interview with technolog


What advice could you give novice cooks? Ask as main quality of a cook, technologist? For beginners chefs will reveal a little secret - the preparation of meals must necessarily be accompanied by mood. Track the character would probably be stronger and the ability to fully engage in activity that realizezi.Dar first place, however, the very love of cooking process perceived as a creative site. It is also very important to constantly maintain his skills at the highest level, not to stagnate and not cease to create.

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The most popular restaurant of 2014


On 22-23 May in Bucharest took place the seventh edition of Hotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Conference, which gathered together the best local and international specialists in tourism industry. Within the conference were awarded the best concepts in the field of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism. Special award was presented to restaurant La Plăcinte from Bucharest. Find more details in interview with executive director of Romanian restaurant chain, Alexandru Stroe.

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Părerea ta despre prânzul


Ne dorim să avem exact bucatele care sunt pe placul vostru, din acest motiv vă rugăm să ne comunicați impresiile rămase în urma prânzului gustat în restaurantul La Plăcinte. Acest formular este anonim și va fi folosit doar în scopul îmbunătățirii calității serviciilor noastre. În caz că bucatele sunt prea sărate, prea fierbinți sau nu corespund cu imaginea din meniu - vă rugăm să vă adresați la chelner sau la administratorul restaurantului. Vă mulțumim pentru că ați ales bucătăria noastră.

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