The most popular restaurant of 2014


On 22-23 May in Bucharest took place the seventh edition of Hotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Conference, which gathered together the best local and international specialists in tourism industry. Within the conference were awarded the best concepts in the field of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism.

Special award was presented to restaurant La Plăcinte from Bucharest. Find more details in interview with executive director of Romanian restaurant chain, Alexandru Stroe. 

How long have you been working as director of chain “La Placinte”? 

I have been working in the company for 6 years, 2 years I'm a director of La Placinte and I enjoy the pleasant aspects of this job - diversity and dynamics.

During this time have you noticed attitude romanian clients to moldavian cuisine?

At the first stage of this project I was confident that this restaurant would have big potential on romanian market.
Later facts corroborated that theory. This is confirmed by market research and the real success of our restaurant chain. Bucharest citizens with great pleasure return in our restaurant. I can't even number all favorite dishes. Our clients' taste is varied : soups, red borsch, placinte and invirtite, second courses and desserts.

Tell us about your award.

Recently restaurant has won first place in the category "The best Romanian restaurant", awarded by Hotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Conference 2014. We managed to leave behind many well-known and successful restaurants in this category. This award was something like confirmation of our expectations. It's very important, cause shows the real situation on the market and growth of wide popularity.

Do you have in plans to expand the restaurant chain? 

We have plan for expanding the chain. We are planning to open 9 restaurants in Bucharest, which are on different stages of development. In the first place will be opened restaurants in Old City, Stefan Cel Mare and on Magheru boulevard. We have already found 2 places in Brasov, where we are planning to open restaurants La Plăcinte, also we are on stage of negotiation with other two. Restaurant in Iasi is on the start-up phase. 

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