Interview with technolog


1. How long active in the company?

The company operates from 2005.

2. Who do you see your childhood?

As a child I dreamed of becoming a doctor.

3. How did the professional development "La Plăcinte"?

I originally came in the company for the position of administrator. I was suggested to start with studying basic functions of the chef of the night. Thus began my work in the company work.

4. What do you like most here?

Work interesting and a wonderful staff.

5. What is the most innervated and boring for you?

I really like my job that requires me one hundred percent commitment and realize that may not otherwise be working. I will not hide, I work my program creates certain difficulties in family life, because sometimes you need to retain in service till late at night after that, early in the morning rush to work again. Probably, this part of my work is the most difficult part of the profession.

6. What advice could you give novice cooks? Ask as main quality of a cook, technologist?

For beginners chefs will reveal a little secret - the preparation of meals must necessarily be accompanied by mood.
Track the character would probably be stronger and the ability to fully engage in activity that realizezi.Dar first place, however, the very love of cooking process perceived as a creative site. It is also very important to constantly maintain his skills at the highest level, not to stagnate and not cease to create.

7. Were there any funny moment at work?

Of course. Just at the moment I can not any mind.

8. What is your favorite food?

I really like fries with pickles. So are a hardened fond of sweets.

9. What is the secret of your success and productivity?

Perhaps it is because my family that supports me constantly, I understand and help me.

10. Is there a dish that you've "invented" for your family?

Since I started working with the brilliant technologist Gîncul Svetlana, many times I managed to impress my family and friends.
One of such dishes consider baked pancakes, which can be prepared with various fillings.

We thank Diane it with us!

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