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Balls of hominy with sheep's cheese, sour cream and “mujdei”

It happened geographically, that in our country is a lot of fields and vineyards, but pasture - at times less. Therefore, for a long time, meat in Moldova was not a staple food, but without vegetables and grains it’s impossible to imagine a traditional Moldavian table neither before, nor now. Thick porridge made of corn grits - hominy - became the basis of food in times of famine, but when came abundance, the last one remained indispensable and beloved attribute of any meal. Culinary novelty of this season - balls of hominy stuffed with sheep's cheese, which as expected, are served with sour cream and muzhdei.

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Domneasca pie with curd and raisins

This dish is a culinary visiting card not only of restaurants network La Placinte but of the whole country. These delicate stuffed pies from the thin crust, is prepared in our country more than one hundred years, but few people knows that the original pies – are a simple peasant dish that is made from flour and water to quench the hunger. Later, the pies recipe varies with home stuffing: cheese, berries and fruits. However, in the history of pies still there is one problem - you want to eat more and more. And you know where to find them?

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Zander in mushroom sauce with hominy

Historically, hominy was the main food of the peasants, substituting bread. Despite the fact that many nations are trying to "assign" hominy, the earliest mention of corn porridge dates from the XVI century. Since then, corn became to spread very quickly, as was not subject to the occupiers, by the Turks tribute to, and served as a garnish to dishes such as, for example, perch in mushroom sauce.

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