Autumn culinary in La Placinte : provincial vacation


Autumn culinary in "La Placinte" : provincial vacation from 20 octombrie

In Autumn, we need more than ever of something pleasant, something so well known and as at home, so network of restaurants La Placinte can fully satisfy your desires!Firstly,in seasonal menu reappeared traditional sarmale,pelmeni and ,,invirtita" pie.And secondly,this season we will meet with new tasty food:boiled and spicy pig with sarmale,mamaliga with stew as the province and homemade sausages.

Boiled cold pig meat with stewed cabbage

Pig meat boiled and cold is considered one of the main pleasure oh the meat dishes.Usually it is prepared from many kind of meat,but the real,which is prepared at La Placinte, is boiled cold meat from young piglet.After pickled and spiced meat is send directly to oven.While the meat is prepared,we make the perfect garnish for her– stewed cabbage. In addition to a range of tastes that has - this kind of food is rich in vitamins - in combination with freshly prepared meat , we get a ideal couple of culinary Autumn !

Carne de porc fiartă și picantă  Буженина с тушеной капустой
Friptură cu fasole și carne de porc

Roast with beans and pig meat.

The main ingredient of this masterpiece is beans, but pig meat  stewed  and soaked with vegetable sauce make this food not only beneficial for the body but also very tasty.

Friptură cu fasole și carne de porc Жаркое с фасолью и свининой

Lamb stew with mamaliga

Stew – a traditional food that is served with mamaliga.In hundreds of years,Moldova began to prepare stew from all kind of meat,but in the interpretation of La Placinte this food acquires a peasant character,because there it is prepared according to old provincial recipes-roasted lamb,which already known piece acquieres a new taste.

Tocăniță din carne de miel cu mămăligă, Токана из баранины с мамалыгой,


,,What kind of Moldovan cuisine without sarmale?”-we said and we decided to return the favorite dishes on the menu of La Placinte. We prepared this food in the most traditional method-with filling of meat and rice in cabbage leaves-you can’t resist at this delicious food that is prepared with love!

Sarmale, Голубцы

Pelimeni with sour cream

In this season,in the restaurant La Placinte we return a king of traditional food(in this case the Slavonic one)-pelimeni. A simple combination of ingredients-dough and forcemeat - in hands of our chefs it grows into a kind of aromatic and tasty dishes as home made.

Mushed potatoes with mushrooms

Someone calls them at home "patties", someone just potato pies, but by a simple grandmother's recipe and simple ingredients this dish just wins, especially when you want something native and intimate.

Pârjoale de cartofi cu ciuperci, Картофельные зразы с грибами

Potatoes „vertuty” / meat „vertuty”

Vertuty became a culinary hallmark not only of restaurants chain La Plăcinte, but of the whole country. These soft rolls stuffed are cooked in our country more than one hundred years, but few people know that the original vertuty – was a simple peasant dish that is made from flour and water to quench the hunger for workersd Over time the recipe has changed beyond recognition. In the menu La Plăcinte, you can find as meatless (vegetarian) option of cooking and traditional - with meat!

Herring salad

This classic made popular in Soviet times recipe, was markedly changed by La Plăcinte, although the basis iremains unchanged (after all, that is what we love): Delicate fish fillet, spiced salting alternated with boiled potatoes, carrots, beets and juicy onions.

Salată cu hering, салат Сельдь под шубой

Chicken barbecue wrapped in bacon

Chicken barbecue - a dish that doesn’t needs presentation. But to make the dish even more soft and juicy, we decided to wrap delicate pieces of chicken in a fragrant bacon and it has paid off - try it yourself!

Frigărui din carne de găină cu bacon, Шашлык  куриный в беконе


Lamb sausages

The technique of producing mutton sausages is a traditional one and has been tested for centuries - a select meat ground into minced, then mixed with salt and aromatic spices and filled natural casing - as a result we get a complete dish, which is nice as the traditional drink of wine and refreshing beer!Cârnăței din carne de miel, Колбаски  бараньи

Mulled wine

This traditional autumn Moldovan drink - a delicious way to keep warm in the cold. Spicy, sweet, hot wine prepared in La Plăcinte with red wine with honey, black pepper and other spices that give the drink a unique taste and aroma. By the way, mulled wine is a perfect remedy for colds, fever and flu.Mulled wine, izvar


"Izvar" - Hot drink with ginger

One more drink which is necessary in the cold rainy autumn - ginger root. This product is very popular and useful spice - it consists amino acids, minerals, and in combination with ginger green tea we get even a good portion of vitamin C!Горячий напиток с  имбирем


"Napoleon"cake is perhaps the most recognizable and homemade dessert. Types of cream, methods for preparing of dough–in every family they are own, which means that Cake Napoleon became a real national dish. The menu La Plăcinte- presents the classic version of the cake from childhood, we are preparin byg puff pastry with milk cream..

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