Fasting menu. Traditional and tasty!


The dishes from the meniu does not contain no meat, milk or eggs. Our new menu item / vegan offers a complex nutritional balance and you enjoy the taste.


Beans beaten with pickled vegetables
This type of food occupies a place of honor in our cuisine. Preferred by many of us, it is particularly suitable for this periaoda post. Fine taste and creamy texture of this bean paste will make you forget you part of a food restriction. It goes perfectly with pickled cucumbers and Bell peppers.




Potato stew
It steamed vegetables, seasoned with plenty of greenery. The dish is prepared in the present clay pot that allows you to fully preserve its taste and aroma.






Strings beans with potatoes
A source of vitamins and protein, while featuring a light fat content. It is tasty and flavorful seasonal dishes.





This dessert does not contain milk and consists of a puree with the addition of lime and mint sweet topping, thereby creating a sense of coolness and freshness.





Stuffed plums
This dish - a perfectly balanced source of many nutrients and a valuable storehouse of vitamin A, potassium and fiber. And besides prunes with nuts hidden inside, poured sugar syrup - it's just delicious!





Tart with nuts
This cake will appeal not only fasting, but also lovers of sweets, which seek to reduce the caloric content of their diet. This sweet carrot cake drizzled with cranberry jam.


Good appetite! 


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