Preliminary order

Time is the most valuable thing! Isn’t a good idea to go to our restaurant and take away hot pie, cake or lunch, cooked like at home? You don’t need to wait and to pay for delivery! We don’t like waiting as nobody likes.That’s how you can save your time. It’s easy:


Inform us beforehand, that you are hungry and we will prepare all to your arrival! We value your time!

Do you often have no time for lunch during the work? 

It's very convenient to come in restaurant and take hot pizza or lasagne  on your way at home. And you have no need to wait or pay for delivery. 

We don't like to wait and we know that no one likes. So we find way how you can save your time.

It's easy:

  • About 30 minutes before arrival in restaurant you need to call +373(22)211-211 or make order on our site. You can choose the place you prefer to come and if you want to take your meal with you or if you need table reservation in restaurant. 
  •  You will receive four-digit code for your order. 
  • When you come at restaurant you need to approach to bar and tell bartender received code. You will be shown your table or given your order. 
  • Enjoy your meal! 

Try it! It's easy, that it seems! ;) 

 First option - order by phone:

  1. Call +373(22)211-211
  2. Answer the operator's questions ( order dishes, choose time and address of restaurant, where you will come)                              
  3. Remember or note your preorder number ( call-center operator will tell you code
  4. You need to come at fixed time in restaurant and tell the waiter, that you have preorder with code.

Enjoy your meal!

Second option - Order on site: 

  1. Choose dish from „Menu”
  2.  Confirm you choice by pressing the button „Checkout”
  3.  Fill in your contact information and confirm your order.
  4.  During 5 minutes our call-center operators will chime you and tell code for your order.
  5. You need to come at fixed time in restaurant and tell the waiter, that you have preorder with code.

* We recommend you immediately ask the bill, so that after you finish your meal nothing will delay you! 

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