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The loyalty program “Bonuses and gifts” (hereinafter referred to as Program) is organized and developed by “Trabo-Plus” SRL (hereinafter referred to as Organizer), which operates under the trade names "Andy's Pizza" and "La Placinte" in the cities of Chisinau and Balti. Participants in the givenprogram, are obliged to respect the rules and conditions of the Program regulation (the "Regulation") according to the information set out below. The provisions of the "Regulation" can be found on the both sites andwww.andys.mdand in every local from the commercial network "Trabo-Plus" SRL.


Using the Client Card is a confirmation that the participant agrees with provisions set forth in the given "Rules". If the Participant violates any of the terms "Rules", "organizer" reserves the right to block the card without warning Participant, until clarifying the situation and eliminatingof inconveniences.



1. Program – System of reports available in the trade network "Trabo-Plus" SRL, based on the use of plastic cards, which provides an accumulative system of discounts for the purchase of goods and services as a result of visiting the restaurant "Andy's Pizza" and "La Placinte".

2. Program participants - physical persons who have reached the age of eighteen (or minors aged between 14-18 years, who have the appropriate accord of authorized persons) and completed the inquiry of Client Card holder.

3. Client Card - plastic card with individual number and bar code, which is used to identify the Program Participant by visiting restaurants of "Trabo-Plus" SRL company, which operates under the trade names "Andy's Pizza" and "La Placinte" in the  the cities of Chisinau and Balti.

4. Reducing (Discount) - is the amount that reduces the selling price of goods or services in restaurants "Andy's Pizza" and "La Placinte", offered to Program Participants.


1. To participate in the Program it is necessary to complete and sign an inquiry confirming the Participant's agreement to participate in the Program. Client Card is activated only after completing and signing the inquiry. "Organizer" guarantees the privacy offered by the Participant in the Program in the registration process and data received through use of the card.

2. Client Card is issued free of charge only upon presentation of five (5) payment vouchers for orders placed in any of the restaurants of "Trabo-Plus" SRL. The card is not offered in the case of making orders by delivery service at home/office. The exchange of payments receipts to Client Card is available until March 31 of 2014.

3. The period of Program action - until 31.12.2015. The program may be extended by the "Organizer".

4. To receive the corresponding reduction, Client Card must be presented to the employee of "Organizer" until the issuing of payment voucher, in case of consumptions in the restaurant, or dictatingof Client Card's number to operator in case of orders through deliveryservice. If orders are carried out through company websites, the card number will be indicated by program participants in the order. "Organizer" of the Program can reject the participation in the Program if   where is no technical possibilities or other at the time of application. The ClientCard means the customer identification in the Program and doesn’t substitute the credit cards, debit or banking card.

5. Client Card and Program are owned by "Organizer" of program. Discounts of participant can’t be transferred to another person and are used in strict accordance with the "Regulation" of the program. Transfer of Rights on Client Card's use of a third person is only on the basis of a notarized power of attorney from Program Participant.

6. In case of loss or damage the Client Card, Program Participant shall notify in due time "The organizer" for the card to be replaced. Replacing of card is accompanied by completing a request by the Participant. On the new card will be transferred the accumulated amount for the made orders and the old card will be deactivated. The price for the replacement card is 50 MDL.

7. Program Participant is responsible for the veracity of the information indicated in the inquiry, well as for the updating of information.


8. "The organizer" has the right to cancel any Client Card and accumulation accounts, namely corresponding to the card, without warning participant in the following situations:

- Failure " Regulation" of Program;

- Abuses in the Program;

- Participant inquiry contains incorrect information.

9. The Participant has the right to cease at any time the status of the Participantwithout warningthe Organizer.


1. Discounting takes place at purchasing goods and services in restaurants or through delivery in cases of online-orders by the commercial network of "Trabo-Plus" SRL company. The discount is offered independent of the order amount of goods and services. Also, the "The organizer" reserves the right to transfer additional bonuses on Participant's Program account within various promotions.

2. The scheme of reductions granting:

- The amount accrued on orders made from 0 to 2999.99 lei lei - 3% of the order amount.

- The amount accrued on orders made from 3000 to 4999.99 lei lei - 5% of the order amount.

- The amount accrued on orders made from 5000 lei and more - 7% of the order amount.

3. The size of reduction is determined depending on the accumulated amount on Participant’s Card in the Program during the validity of the given program.

4. Possibility of a Program’s  Participant to use discounts ceasesin the following cases:

- The cancellation of the card;

- Upon expiry of the validity of the Program.

- At the moment of changing the bonuses by giftsat specialplaces for releasing gifts.

5. "The organizer" of the Program reserves the right to determine unilaterally the size of reductions. The organizer communicates this information to program participants through advertising materials and special printing of the publication of given information on the websites www.andys.mdand .


1. "The organizer" has the right at any time to include any changes in this "Rules", without prior notification to the Participant. Information on data changes are published on websites www.laplacinte.comand .

2. "The organizer" reserves the right to suspend or terminate the program at any time, notifying the Participant about that fact. "The organizer" is not responsible for suspending, whatever is the quantity of the accumulated reduction in existing Participant's account at the time.

3. Payment of taxes and fulfilling other obligations regarding the participation in the Program,are Participant’s obligation.

4. All the disputes and disagreements between the Program’s "Organizer" and the Participant shall be settled amicably. If the dispute is not settled amicably in accordance with the present "Regulation", it shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.


Attention! Client Card is not available for corporate clients

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